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1. Is Family Labor Availability an Obstacle for Labor saving Farm Technology Use among Smallholder Farmers Prem Bhandari Download
2. Child Nutrition and Local Food Prices in Nepal- Ganesh Thapa and Gerald Shively Download
3. South Asian Agricultural Economists Kathmandu Declaration (13-14 February 2015) Download
4. Book Review Nepal's Development Tragedy Threats and Possibilities Bishwambher Pyakuryal Download
5. Book Review Pokhari ra Pahiro Download
6. Horticulture in the Food and Nutrition System of Nepalese Economy (Chapter-13) Download
7. An Appraisal of the Agricultural Statistics of Nepal (Chapter-12) Download
8. Women's Empowerment and Farm Productivity Case of Project Intervention (Chapter -11) Download
9. Effects of Taxing on Bribing in Agro- processing Enterprises in Nepal (Chapter-10) Download
10. Food and Nutrition Security in Nepal A Review of the Policies and Strategies in the Forestry Sector (Chapter-9) Download
11. South-South Cooperation The Case of Farmers' Water User Associations for Rural Reform In China (Chapter-8) Download
12. Crop Yield Responses to Climate Change in the Tropical Region of Nepal (Chapter-6) Download
13. Resource Use Efficiency in Vegetable Production in the High Hills of Eastern Nepal (Chapter-5) Download
14. Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Production in Nepal (Chapter-4) Download
15. Nepal A Fifteen-Year Agriculture Tax Policy Perspectives (2015-2030) (Chapter-3) Download