S.N. Title
1 Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Economics
2 Is Agriculture Central to Achieving the Millennium Development Goal of Halving Poverty by 2015 in Nepal (Chapter-1)
3 Strategic Process Models for Sustainability Parshotam Dass and Senthil Muthusamy (Chapter-2)
4 Nepal A Fifteen-Year Agriculture Tax Policy Perspectives (2015-2030) (Chapter-3)
5 Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Production in Nepal (Chapter-4)
6 Resource Use Efficiency in Vegetable Production in the High Hills of Eastern Nepal (Chapter-5)
7 Crop Yield Responses to Climate Change in the Tropical Region of Nepal (Chapter-6)
8 South-South Cooperation The Case of Farmers' Water User Associations for Rural Reform In China (Chapter-8)
9 Food and Nutrition Security in Nepal A Review of the Policies and Strategies in the Forestry Sector (Chapter-9)
10 Effects of Taxing on Bribing in Agro- processing Enterprises in Nepal (Chapter-10)
11 Women's Empowerment and Farm Productivity Case of Project Intervention (Chapter -11)
12 An Appraisal of the Agricultural Statistics of Nepal (Chapter-12)
13 Horticulture in the Food and Nutrition System of Nepalese Economy (Chapter-13)
14 Book Review Pokhari ra Pahiro
15 Book Review Nepal's Development Tragedy Threats and Possibilities Bishwambher Pyakuryal
16 South Asian Agricultural Economists Kathmandu Declaration (13-14 February 2015)
17 Child Nutrition and Local Food Prices in Nepal- Ganesh Thapa and Gerald Shively
18 Is Family Labor Availability an Obstacle for Labor saving Farm Technology Use among Smallholder Farmers Prem Bhandari