Published Date : 2020-06-11

The main objectives NAES are to:

1. Enhance co-operations among the agricultural economists, and agricultural scientists, and enhance protect their professional rights and welfare;

2. Assess the agricultural policies, development status and problems of farmers and other stakeholders for suggesting  innovative solutions to all these concerned;

3. Suggest to the public and the private agencies on market system, quality and prices of agricultural inputs and products for the welfare of producers, entrepreneurs and consumers;

4. Provide research and consultative services to institutions and individuals;

5. Enable members to carry-out subject-related consultations and services; and

6. Support and execute agricultural research on technical, social and economic aspects.


Main Activities

NAES carries out the following activities:

1. Arrange offices, fund and personnel to carryout different activities of the Society;

2. Organize conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings, talk programs and interactions among the members and related professionals;

3. Carryout research and consultancy services in the field of agricultural economics and allied aspects;

4. Arrange training programs for the members on new developments in the field;

5. Network with other organizations for professional development and welfare;

6. Regularly publish Journal, and other occasional / issue papers;

7. Raise membership and funds;

8. Maintain library and other resource centers;

9. Mobilize funds, get audit and maintain transparency; and

10. Conduct other works to fulfill the Society's objectives.

Contact Info

Nepal Agricultural Economics Society

Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur, Nepal

Phone :00977-1-55522439

Fax: 00977-1-5524227s



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